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Our Products

Architectural Membranes

For any design we offer the right membrane material.With the popularity of the textile facades the range of possibilities is constantly growing. Starting with classic PES/PVC through Glass/PTFE over PES/PU to ETFE-film.

Fabric Facade Tension System

A facade is exposed to environmental influences such as thermal shocks, UV-light, wind/suction loads and stroms. The fixture plays an important part when it comes to the durabilty of the memebrane.

rohoflex unique clamping design fixes a wide range of membranes materials gentle and tight. It lowers the installation efforts while increases the durability of the facade

Facade Design & Engineering

roho offers you the complete performance of the textile façade. From the drafting of the structural design to the static calculations for the plan submission to any project size. For architects, designers and builders, we offer detailed information on the subject textile façades into our architects area.

features of rohoflex

3d facade element

3-D forming

rohoflex is not limited on 2 dimensions further more it come with 3D forming design support by standard. Increases scope for design and lead to fascinating results.

movable facade elements

Movable facade elements

With rohoflex clamping technology can also textile facade cassettes build. Moving elements are designed to be controlled manually or electronically.

minimum installation effort

Minimal installation effort

Due to its self-supporting structure and variety of mounting options, the installation costs minimized by decreasing material costs. Complex substructure are no longer required.