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New trending colors for 2020


A textile facade and its properties are a little revolution!

The unique properties and advantages cannot be achieved with any other facade solution.

As a ventilated fabric facade, you achieve an effect like a house-in-house principle. Such a facade is at the same time a climate buffer and protective cover with additional benefits such as insect protection, privacy protection, sun protection, and noise reduction. With a special fabric, you can also achieve additional air-cleaning properties using a titanium dioxide coating and thus imitate the air-cleaning principle of a tree. Awesome to make a small contribution to reducing the CO2 problem.


The effectiveness of our TiO2 coating has been proven by the California Energy Commission.

As important as the fabric, but also the way how to attach the fabric storm-proof to the building. For this, roho has developed its own, patented clamping profiles in which the fabric is tensioned in a linear, particularly tissue-friendly manner on all sides. This fastening solution has the great advantage that, in contrast to a punctiform attachment, the required tear values ​​can be calculated correctly in the static calculation.

The mounting method of roho brings considerable cost advantages, which one perceives only with the assembly. So you can stretch large areas in one piece and thus saves running meters of clamping profiles. Since hardly a building is exactly created on the cm, roho attached great importance to the development of the profile that the fabric dimensions on the construction site can still be corrected. Even if after years the tension of the fabric should subside, re-tension without special tools is no problem.

The cost of a textile facade depends on a variety of factors. The design / statics and building regulations such as increased fire protection have a particularly large influence. Roho already accompanies architects, planners and builders in brainstorming to avoid expensive surprises. For this reason, detailed technical information can be found in our architects' area and extensive background knowledge in our non-fiction book.

We will not leave you alone in the planning and realization. Our structural engineer has a wealth of experience and prepares verifiable static proof and plant planning. Also multilingual, because we operate Europe-wide. Roho supplies the complete façade system including the professional installation on site.


Textbook on textile facades in german language

The book is aimed at architects, planners and builders. It provides an insight into the topic of textile architecture. Different types of tissue are presented on the basis of examples from practice, as well as their proper fastening illustrated and described.

Compact clamping profile for the textile cassette facades "rohoflex compact"

With its compact design, the rohoflex compact is particularly suitable for outdoor use as a panel facade. And indoor for textile ceilings, parapet and railing paneling, ... 


Heavy duty clamping profile for large facades "rohoflex"

rohoflex is a tensioning system for the textile architecture. Thanks to it's linear fastening mechanism it offers a strong yet gentle fastening by even force distribution. It is capable to tension big facade surfaces in one piece same as panel facades.

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